Is Online Shopping Safe In India

Is online shopping safe in India?


Online shopping is perfectly safe. Yes, there are some precautions one needs to take. One is expected to take precautions while crossing the road as well. Maybe the analogy is poor, but the message is clear. So firstly let’s understand why there’s a surge in online shopping.


One gets to choose from a larger range of products that cannot be matched by a nearby market store.

Online marketplaces are able to offer much better discounts.

One can shop online at the oddest hours. No need to drive or park or go through the pains of visiting congested places.


Well there maybe a 100 more reasons but for now coming back to the precautions to make online shopping safe. The main reason to worry is buyer does not see the product before buying. They are relying on the images and description mentioned. The other worry is the increasing financials frauds. However, these can be managed with a little attention.


Always read review of the seller and the product. Genuine sellers are conscious of their ratings and online reputation.

Buy from website which has a decent return policy.

Always use payment gateways of repute. Such third party gateways are secured and the buyer data is not accessible to the websites.

Avoid online transfers directly to the bank accounts mentioned in website.

Exercise cash on delivery on online purchases whenever in doubt.


The above measures are as simple as taking a look to your left and right before crossing the road. If you are more advanced then the options are unlimited. Checking website domain authority is just the start but will cover them in detail as a separate topic

Become On Online Seller | Is Reseller Businesss Profitable?

Become an Online Reseller | Is Reseller Business Profitable?


Reseller business model is gaining momentum in India due to the growing online shopping community and the technology advancements. The role of social apps has also contributed to this budding business. Anyone can become a reseller by providing products or services without maintain inventory or any investments. All one needs to do is connect to the consumer through their social networks.


This model is for people who do not want to start with a lot of investment and in some scenarios are already engaged in job. Having said that, becoming a reseller needs time and patience and few precautions.

• Always ensure that the products or service provider are people of repute. Eventually the consumers are connected with you and any complaints will be directed towards you. The quality of products should match the description. Still in case of dissatisfaction, return of product is the norm. So, all the more important that your manufacturer or distributor is not rigid.

• The packaging & delivery of products should be managed by the manufacturer or distributor. Remember, you are not maintaining inventory.

• Payment transactions & returns should be smooth.

• The pricing should be suitable. You are working on thin margins & there should be sufficient window between your buying price and retail price of the products



How to be successful as a Reseller?


• Market research- Do your market research to understand the consumer demand and the pricing opportunity. As next step, identify one or more manufacturers or distributors. Obviously, best pricing will be offered by manufacturer but he may not entertain small volume players. So research to connect to the distributor who is willing to do business on your terms.


• Decide and start- A lot of people fail to start even after sufficient market research. They get entangled in their life priorities and the time never comes to launch their own Reseller Business. You do not need to start with an investment so start when once you have decided.


• Diversify- Start with one product and then cover all products in that segment. With experience diversify into other related segments


• Build trust and positive relationship with your manufacturer or distributor- Convenience is the keyword here. Find a distributor who makes it easy to do business. Remember that you may be short of time and investments, so you need someone to do the hardwork and investment and keep your risks low.


• Do Your Work- The more time you spend in your actual work, faster your business will grow. Your true work is connecting with the consumers. Spend your maximum time & energy on this aspect. Sourcing, packaging, delivery and financial transactions are important yet secondary.


• Use of technology- You should be adept in using social platforms but that is only the beginning. You should hone the skills useful for effectively cataloguing & displaying your products. Video editing, picture sharpening, Record keeping are just a few to name.


So, make your efforts and wait for results.

Our E-Commerce Journey

Our e-Commerce Journey


Our e-Commerce business has very humble beginnings. We we excited to receive our first orders & then we started clocking 2-3 orders daily. One of the challenges was procurement & packaging products, especially products which required assembly. We understood quickly that we needed to engage our household maids and semi skilled workers so that we could focus on other essentials for the Business.


Today, we are able to bring smiles on the face of these ladies when we make monthly payouts. 5-10% of turnover is spend happily for the services taken from these staff. Thanks, to the positive response from our clients, we are consistently able to make 5 digit payouts to multiple staff. We are not running an NGO per say; but surely bringing change to the lives of few families has also become a priority for our Business.


We are now soft launching our website ( to engage with our Clients more effectively. We are continuously adding our range of products and eventually aim to cover gifting needs for every occasion. We would be adding 5000 products in our first phase of operations.


Looking forward to serve you better.